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Tips & tricks on how to set up your balcony : the first warm rays of sunshine lure with power on to the balcony. With the right plants, suitable decoration and send your balcony patio furniture is quickly becoming the favorite place.

Air Balcony Balcony Tips & Ideas

Air Balcony

Just a few steps through the door, you’re ready to enjoy your coffee outdoors or forget the everyday life in the sun lounger on the balcony: what could be better than in the summer to savor every free minute on the balcony, the closing time and of course the gorgeous long weekend! How to plant, set up and use your balcony, depends not only on personal preferences, of course, of its orientation.

Balcony: orientation and planting

Design for small Balcony Balcony Tips & Ideas

Design for small Balcony

Whether north, south, east or west – the alignment of the balcony determines its vast use and equipment.

An east-facing balcony is the perfect breakfast place

The ideal breakfast place. You can stay the same in bathrobe and enjoy the first warm rays of the sun.

Comfortable chairs and a table large enough for extensive breakfast, preferably with shelves, are a must on the east balcony , which is already off lunch in the shade and applies to plants as partial shade.

Checklist east balcony

Relax Balcony Balcony Tips & Ideas

Relax Balcony

Suitable plants: Plants for semi-shade or light shade such as daisies, impatiens, lobelia, fuchsias, petunias also grow on the east balcony.

Our tip for the East Balcony: A floor tile stores the warmth of the morning sun and releases it gradually again. Decoration, furniture, dishes and planters as possible in colorful yellow or red tones, so that the sunny mood remains on the balcony without sun.

View for Balcony Balcony Tips & Ideas

View for Balcony

Main accessories: comfortable and practical furniture for extended breakfast on the balcony.

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