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Mediterranean House 3

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This Mediterranean adopts the architectural features of the region such as lime plaster or traditional rank sponge, but she can also break away from tradition to introduce some more contemporary accents.

Mediterranean House 3 Mediterranean House 3

Mediterranean House 3

From the Comfort range promising to name the plan does not disappoint our expectations: the volumes are livable and customizable.

The ground floor space dedicated to date, offers the advantages and charm of a Bungalow. It welcomes in the first place, after the parents room a little more than 10 m², decorated with a large closet 2,30 m long and 60 cm deep, as a full en-suite shower 4.64 m².

The kitchen of 10 m² also finds its place and opens onto a 36 m² living room well lit on either side by two sliding windows of 2.10 x 2.15 m. Posing a partition, the kitchen can easily be separated from the common area and become a full-fledged part where you officiate in peace. Under the stairs lies a storage of 0.66 m².

Outside the garage of 15 m² fits against the side of the house. With this offset volume, the facade comes alive and becomes an added attraction. Finally, the house has the intimacy of a stage in which take up room, office or living space for children.

Ground floor

On the ground floor, you can enjoy two sliding windows by holding the piece around them: on the way to the kitchen, facing the garden was placed a table in glass and wood. In contrast, four individual seats show the striped dress chairs.

Furniture pose a dominant brown tone that contrasts with bright white tiles laid diagonally. The kitchen plays contrast with quarry tile ox- blood while the master suite remains in sobriety.


Upstairs were asked prosecutors. In room 3 we took advantage of the withdrawal made ​​by the partition to organize a sort of alcove bed fits into a wooden structure that houses a library in its side and a large closet at the end. Bedrooms 2 and 4 are organized in more conventional manner with an office in one and a large library in the other.


If this model appeals to you, Family House Mediterranean realize your home on the basis of this plan from € 149,730. The price will depend on the services you have chosen and the region of implantation.

Here is an example of some of the materials used here: the peripheral walls and shear walls of the basement, with a height of 0.40 m, are composed of two rows of hollow concrete blocks of 0.20 m of hourdés cement mortar thickness.

The total thickness of the internal walls is 72 mm. They consist of two plasterboard panel with the interposition of a glass wool 45 mm thick. The backbone of the framework consists of trusses of treated pine. The cover is done in terracotta tiles laid on wooden lintel, at 10 per square meter.

Solar thermal collectors with an area of ​​4 m² are embedded in roofing materials. Production of domestic hot water is provided up to fifty percent solar. The water heater has an electro-solar electrical resistance for additional heating if required.

The house enjoys a controlled hygro B low consumption single-flow mechanical ventilation. The heating is electric, two radiant panels are provided for the stay and convectors category C are placed in each habitable room. The entire system is controlled by a heater controller. A towel radiator is installed in the bathroom. The house also has central vacuum.

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